Black Men & the Black Women Who Wait On Them: Not, Give the White Man a Chance

Okay here we go I know some of you right now are ready to lynch me.  How dare I make such a statement? And the better question is, how dare I not? This is not an article that condemns or shuns black men. As a matter of record black women have been more loyal, when it comes to relationships, for preferring, dating, and marrying black men than black men have. I spend quite a bit of time with black women who are looking for, praying for, and waiting for the right black man to enter her life, while all the while possibly missing out on a good man from another ethnicity. Ladies I just want to say that I give you’re the right to be happy, I give you the right to pursue longevity, I demand that you look out for yourself and realize that love and relationships are not limited to one ethnic group but that like your counterparts can be found in many hues, sizes, shapes, and geographical locations (not meaning the prison system).

If we just look at the competing elements sisters are up against today, for those who want to remain loyal to black men, it is staggering. Ladies you are competing with other women of other ethnicities, homosexuality, incarceration, and the fact that more women are born than men which, says already that there isn’t an equal ratio for a man for every woman of their particular ethnic group and this is across the board, maybe more so for black women.
In 2016 as women pursue happiness sisters you ought to do the same. You should set your standards and stick to them. Stop lowering them just to obtain a black man to say you have a black man. The reality is a piece of a black man is not better than having no man at all. Yes ladies encourage our black men, love our black men, speak well of our black men, and applaud them every chance you get while all the while refusing to be ignored, disrespected, mistreated, and cast aside. Say to yourselves you desire the best that is out there and accept that the best right now might be someone of another ethnic group. You are a  beautiful creature, a gift from God, an individual to be loved, adored, pampered, and yes even taken care of and if a black man is not willing or available to honor those attributes then MOVE ON.
In 2016 ladies the best is yet to come in your life. The best is yet to come in your careers. The best is yet to come by way of friends and opportunities. Don’t be afraid to embrace 2016 with excitement and expectation. Open yourselves up to new adventures, new acquaintances, and new possibilities. Let me let you in on a little secret men of other ethnic groups find you wonderful, beautiful women desirable women and are really amazed that your counterparts are snapping you up like the precious jewel you are.

So I say to you as you journey through the rest of 2016 to prepare yourself, because the best in your life is yet to come!! 

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