My word is my bond

My word is my bond what does that mean anymore? Does it have meaning? I am always amazed especially when I encounter Christians who make a vow, a promise, and they fail to come through. Don’t get me wrong I am not talking about perfection, I am speaking about the simplest concept: if you say you’re going to do something, do it. If for some reason you are not going to be able to do it tell the person you made the promise to before they have to track you down. I am positive, I am sure that the issue isn’t as much as whether you did what you said but if you couldn’t did you let them know in advance or did you make them track you down in order to receive the bad news?
The bible says let your yea be your yea and your nay be your nay – your word is your bond. The bible speaks about your name – your character being more precious than rubies – great value is placed on your word. For many of us our word is all we have. If your word defines you – what would people say about you? I will not stand before you and say that I have always done what I said I was going to do. I have fallen short on occasions. My biggest challenge is being on time once I’ve told someone that I would arrive at a certain time. We must realize that it is better to fess up and give individuals appropriate time to make other arrangements, if necessary, rather than to leave any one in a lurch. It’s the simplest thing to do and yet it is the least timed honored follow through principle.
No one should experience the following because of your selfish character. Don’t get it twisted when you do the following it has everything to do with your character – you thinking of yourself rather than others – hence “selfish”:
  • No one should be left waiting on you. If you are running late make sure you let them know in advance. Don’t call after the fact.
  • No one should find themselves financially short because of you. If you borrow anything whether or not you have a promised return time, stay in touch. Don’t dodge them and more importantly YOU sacrifice your wants and even your needs if you have borrowed from someone. Remember they sacrificed to help you. They wouldn’t be short if you had paid back what you owed.  Don’t assume that they don’t need the money back in a reasonable time. Their perceived financial situation should not be the standard by which you decide when you pay back what you owe.
  • No one should be given false hope only to be let down. If you have promised to do “anything” and now you’ve changed your mind or are not able to do it as much as it may hurt the truth is easier to handle than continued failure to make good on a promise.
  • No one should be lied too. Even though the truth may hurt a lie hurts even more.

  • No one should be taken for granted. By our very selfish nature we have a tendency to discount people and take their kindness for weakness. Or if they’re always there, they’re always dependable we take it for granted. Don’t do that. Do not assume that anyone is okay with being taken for granted.
  • No one should want to hide from you, because it seems like you’re always dumping on them, always rehashing issues in your life. Your conversation shouldn’t always be about you. And please know this while you may ask how they’re doing and few other niceties we know that this is temporal that as soon as you get a chance you are going to unload. Unloading has its place, but all the time! Its toxic, its poison so trust me caller ID is used on a regular basis. You may be going through some difficutl things in your life, your best confident that will always be the best place to unload is God. Whether you believe it or not while you're friends want to be there for you your constant daily unloading becomes way to much for them to deal with without it becoming an unbearable conversation they would rather not have, because it has become poison to their system. Move on. I know it's not easy but for your sake and there's you must find peace in the midst of your storm and truly learn to trust God and depend on Him to get you through. He is who you should be seeking daily to discuss your challenges.
  • This list is not meant to be exhaustive – it’s meant to be reflective. If you are a Christian you should always ensure that your character is one to be cherished and honored. If you are a Christian your word should be your bond anything short of that is questionable.

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  1. I like this article . My father and I made promises to each other by giving "our word " . He was a man of his word . When he said something no doubted . My father would ask me to take care of certain things that were important to him while he was out of town . He would say " our word is our bond . When you give your word you must keep it . Do I have your word ? " and would often say actions speak louder than words but always be a person of your word . I find people are just not raised like this I guess .