How do I show my sons what to look for in a girlfriend/wife?

The biggest thing is for you to live as an example of what they should be striving for, be an example of that woman you want for your son. Our children learn by example. If you present yourself as a woman of integrity, dignity, a woman of purpose, honor, a woman who values herself and others around her. If you present yourself as a woman of hospitality, as a woman who loves God then your son’s will desire, not to marry their mother, but the characters that exemplify excellence that they will want to carry over to their children. You also must associate with men who treat you like royalty and you in turn treat them like royalty. Your children learn how to love and treat people through the environment you expose your children too. Make sure your male children see men who provide, protect and openly love their families so they in turn can be that spirit of excellence to the woman they choose to marry.  Women have historically been the moral barometer of society. We have historically set the standard in our home. Growing up boys in the neighborhood told me that there was one girl that you had sex with and one you took home to meet their mom and generally they are not the same. I say society has changed so drastically and mothers are allowing anything in their home, thus their children settle for anything. So do your children a favor, live your life through the spirit of excellent. Give your children a chance to have a full loving life. Remember in many instances we make or break our children by our actions. Remember the precious gift God has given you and honor Him by living your life to His glory and not to His shame.


  1. Though my son is only 7 years old we have had this conversation several times - in fact we discussed this again this weekend. At this age, the conversation is "theoretical" and light hearted. However, it is always centered around my son making God's standard for a good woman - his standards.

    While my children are small, one of my jobs as a mother is to "train their palettes" to receive the Word of God. Everthing they ingest right now, be it food, drink, television or movies - I control. I introduce it. My son enjoys the science program "How It Works" because I introduced it to him and trained his palette to appreciate the nerdy things in life. The same holds true for the Word of God and His standards for every area of his life. At this age, I control how much of "The World" and/or "The Word" gets into "their world". This really means that the less of "The World" I have in my life - the less they'll have in theirs. The more "Word" I have in my life, the more they have in theirs. I have complete control over the situation (for now) and I intend to make the most of it.