8 Groups You Need to Stop "Social Sharing" With: Just Shut Your Mouth, Sometimes!

Sometimes we really need to shut our mouths. We need to think before we speak and be clear as to
who we’re speaking too. Not everything you know or think should be told to whoever comes across your path. Something’s that you think make you appear profound really make you look stupid, and the sad part about it you don’t even realize that you’re conducting yourself in a manner that screams “how stupid could one person be!”. Now some of you are saying she’s simply ranting and not making her point so here we go. It is extremely important to understand who is in your circle and which conversations you have and with whom:

•Co- workers
•Church members
•Business acquaintances
•At arm’s length friends/acquaintances
•Inner circle friends (close to your chest and heart)

Now you should be able to see from this list not all conversations are meant for all sections of people in your life. There are conversations you will have with your inner circle of friends that would not be appropriate for you to have with your children, your church members, co-workers, or business acquaintances. There are some conversations that you will have with your spouse that are to remain between you and your spouse and no one else. Here’s my perfect example to that: A husband and wife have a disagreement. It’s potentially pretty heated and some things are said that cannot be taken back no matter how sorry the person professes to be. All upset you run to your friends (both the inner and outer circle) and family telling them all about your disagreement.

Now those close to you are upset with your spouse, you and your spouse make up – forgive each other and the rest of the clan you told are angry with that spouse and the atmosphere is now too difficult to be in. See this is a shut your mouth instance. All relationships will have their ups and their downs and when you bring the world into your relationships you find many unhealthy things, counsel that may not be healthy, anger towards your spouse and now you just want everyone to get along, or worse people you thought were your “friends” are comforting your spouse trying to get next to him or her.

Some of you discuss your personal lives during business acquaintance situations. This is a really “SHUT YOUR MOUTH” situation. No one needs to or truly wants to hear about your personal life, the personal life that should be left at the door of your home – ie; Internet dating, your unruly children and your inability to handle them, your absentee spouse/baby daddy, your incarcerated mate, and/or your bad past client relationships. What you are successfully doing is running away potential business. You see the person you’re speaking with is having their own mental conversation that goes something like this, “this man or woman is crazy. I don’t want them anywhere around me.” Can you blame them? Oh that’s right you don’t get it because you think you’re within your right. This is for free – what you may believe is your right, and it is, doesn’t necessarily translate into positive outcomes or views about you. Don’t believe the hype just because you see a lot of this type of dialogue on television doesn’t make it right or sane. Use some common sense. Identify some people in your life who you trust and who will be honest and get their opinion. Be prepared for some reflections that may not be favorable – just remember this – many are the wounds of a true friend deceitful are the kisses of your enemy. All this simply means is those who love you and don’t want you to look like a fool will take the hard words, anger, and silent treatment because your wellbeing means more to them than your personal like of them. Enemies will let you walk out looking crazy and tell you just what you want to hear because it’s about your liking them and not about them truly caring for you.

Parents you have conversations with your children that were never meant for the ears of your children and you’re jacking them up. You’ve got them so confused they don’t know when they’re supposed to be a child or the adult. STOP IT. SHUT YOUR MOUTH! There are conversations you should have at the appropriate time. Example: If you and your spouse are having problems – don’t do it in front of the children or discuss them with the children in the absence of the one you’re feuding with. Financial issues are tough. Limit your dialogue to need to know. They’re don’t need to have the financial worries on them that’s your job not theirs.
I could go on prayerfully you get it. Take this to heart. Stop telling everybody everything. Choose your words carefully and guess what? Something’s are so ridiculous that you simply need to keep them to yourself and don’t tell anyone.

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