Twelve Days to Christmas

In the days leading up to the actual day of the birth of Christ, explore these ways of sharing the love of Jesus with your children, friends, and family. 

1.       Commit a portion of your holiday dollars to buying some items for those in need and allow your children and family members to go with you to present them. I know my niece’s little heart just breaks when she has the opportunity to see the joyous expression on the face of a child to whom she gives a gift. Especially when she sees that the child has so little and she has so much. This teaches children and others the joy of giving.

2.       Give away something that means a great deal to you. This teaches sacrifice. It is easy to give away something you no longer need or use. It is another thing to give away something that you still treasure.

3.       Make up coupons to give to your children. Put them in your child’s lunch box or backpack where they are sure to find them. (Wives, this also works well with your husband. What a great way to keep the spice in your marriage.) Here are a few suggestions for your coupons:

·         You are entitled to one hug, just because.

·         You are entitled to one big wet kiss, just because.

·         You are entitled to one afternoon alone with Mommy.

·         You choose one movie night.

·         I Love You.

·         You are so special to me.

·         I am glad God blessed me with you.

·         Jesus loves You.

·         The angels are watching over you when I am not around.

4.       Go to a shelter and share your love and time with the people.

5.       Go to a convalescent home and sing carols to the residents.

6.       Go out to a homeless camp and take some warm clothes and food.

7.       Stop to give food, a smile, and a warm word (tell them that Jesus loves them), to a beggar on the street.

8.       Gather the kids, friends, and family and purpose in your hearts to go Christmas caroling at the senior apartment communities.

9.       Visit the children’s ward of a hospital to sing Christmas carols.

10.    Take a bag of gifts to the county orphanage.

11.    Fix a birthday cake for Jesus and sing happy birthday to Him. Bring gifts to Him. Make this fun. Let your children be creative. Wrap them up, open them, and share with Jesus why you think this gift would be perfect for Him.

12.    Read the true Christmas story to your family, friends and your children’s friends. Make it festive. Have hot chocolate and save some of the birthday cake. Re-light the candles and let the children blow out the candles for Christ.

Make this a yearly event so you can do your part to remind your sphere of influence just what Christmas is all about.

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