Are You A Virtuous Woman?

It’s such an interesting question that deserves some genuine exploration. First we must understand what it means to be virtuous. Virtuous character is a woman who lives by a strong code of ethics that permeates every area of her life and positively affects her family, her co-workers, her community, and even her acquaintances. A virtuous woman prides herself in setting an example that when followed produces great benefit. We know biblically there is a reference to being a virtuous woman found in Proverbs 31. It begins with an admonition to a son that this is the type of woman he should aspire to have. This woman is so precious that she is compared to precious rubies, one of the most expensive and highly sought after jewels of biblical times.
In view of the above it’s amazing to me that setting standards and living by them seem to be such a thing of the past. I remember growing up and the boys in the community made it a point to distinguish between the girl they had sexual relations with and the one they took home to meet their mother. They were clear that they were not the one in the same. There was a distinguishing trait about the one who met the mother that garnered respect from the men. While they may have wanted to have sex, they knew with this woman, it was not something you entered into lightly. It seems eons ago when this was the case, the scale has tilted, the standards have diminished, and the once black and white code of ethics has now greyed. We have shifted from absolutes to sometimes, not always, and there are exceptions.
There was a time that the women in this country were the barometer by which moral issues were addressed. Women were the individuals who were hospitable, produced healthy character in their children, cheered their husbands, encouraged other women, single and married, true role models, modeling behavior that taught others how to love, be kind, be respectful, be frugal (resourceful) with the families financial resources. Her family was her first and foremost priority. Proverbs tells us that this woman is called blessed by her children, this woman is the envy of all her husband’s friends, this woman is admired by the women in her community, and they desire to emulate her. The women seek her out for sound counsel, counsel that is not laced with venom and barbs, but counsel that will encourage the one seeking the advice. This virtuous woman understands the importance of providing counseling that uplifts and builds the family rather than providing counsel that tears it down. She is not quick to judge but quick to give the benefit of the doubt. She listens more than she speaks. But boy when she speaks, like E.F. Hutton, everyone listens. Husbands of other women, embrace the time their wives spend with her, rather than dread their return, sure the advice received from other bitter, angry, hurt, misguided but well-meaning women will create havoc in the home.
This virtuous woman is not a push over, she is strong and confident. This virtuous woman is not subjected to her husband, but willingly submits to him as she understands that being supportive, while all the time expecting her husband to perform his husbandly duties, will uplift and create harmony in the family. She understands this behavior will spill over to her children and, they too, will know how to treat people with respect and dignity. This virtuous woman understands being submissive to her husband is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength. Strength in that she lays downs her rights, stands in the gap praying for her husband, her family, and is prepared to encourage her husband in the way that will benefit the entire unit, without making the man feel less than a man. Don’t get this twisted I am not suggesting she down play her worth, I am embracing her worth, by honoring her brilliance, her strength, and her wisdom that harnesses all those traits into one powerful ball of energy that encourages everyone in her midst and at the end of the day helps steer the ship a long side her husband. So does her husband no harm.
A virtuous woman is not lazy but maximizes the time in the day to accomplish the good for her family. She is not idle but rather focused and driven to ensure her home environment is a tranquil place for all who enter. She is not a gossiper, as she understands the principle of endeavoring to do no harm. She is not mean spirited neither is she envious for this woman is ready to celebrate the happiness and accomplishments of others.   
So as we began so shall we end, are you a virtuous woman? Don’t fool yourself, the world knows if you are, this you can’t fake, either you are or you aren’t. Let us all strive to be virtuous and begin a movement that will change this country for the better.

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