Change is inevitable

So far we have explored topics/ideas such as “Change begins with me” and “Be the change you want to see.” We will take the next journey of change and explore the reality that change is inevitable. Throughout history you’ve seen the change of flight, the change of driving, the change of listening to music, the change in clothing, the change in ways we communicate, the change in what is or isn’t acceptable on television or on the radio. We’ve seen opinions change time, you name it and for the most part people have moved toward, what is called the left, on moral issues. Dress and hair styles have changed even the church has changed. We’ve moved from writing letters, to typing letters, having to use carbon paper, then white out and now we’ve changed to the computer to write out letters (I say thank God to that!). Bottom line there is very little that hasn’t changed since our early beginnings and change will continue until the end of time.
Many people are reluctant to the acceptance of change; they moan and groan, complain about it, and lodge a campaign to prevent it. Sometimes those campaigns have been good, other times they have been catastrophic. Nevertheless if you are one of those who have a challenge with change you might as well get over it or it’s going to roll over you anyway. Because as the Mayor of San Francisco stated, “you better get ready because it’s coming.”
There was a book called “who moved my cheese” by Spencer Johnson. The principle of the book is very simple change is inevitable so you might as well learn to identify the signs and then be prepared to move with change. Of course not all change will be embraced and shouldn’t be embraced you must be able to discern between appropriate and inappropriate change.
Examples of unhealthy change:
  • Your children running your house
  • People, especially Christians, living together until their wedding day.
  • People, opting to receive government assistance instead of actively pursuing a job to provide for themselves and their families.
  • Special interest being the primary driving force of influencing elections.
  • People turning a blind eye to injustices and crime on the streets instead of being proactive in eradicating both unhealthy behaviors.
  • Church becoming the least single influence in the home
  • People coming dressed anyway to church, in the name of come as you are.
  • Lack of reverence to God
  • Removal of prayer from school
  • The identification of Christian holiday’s with secular contemporary distinctions. (i.e. Happy Holiday’s, Spring break)
I am sure you can continue to add to the list of unhealthy change. The truth about many of the changes is that those who remained silent and those who went along with them are just as guilty for our demise as those who instigated the change.
  • Removal of prayer out of school also followed the removal of prayer in the home.
  • Christian holiday’s distinctions we too started referring to them in the same way and worse we began celebrating them with the same secular concepts of course throwing in a little God every now and then.
  • Lack of reverence of God; we emulate that by our irreverent behavior in the raising of our children, the example we set on our work place, with our families, and our friends.
  • Church being one of the least significant influences of the family. We are no longer attending church, honoring it neither making it an important part of our families’ regular experience.
I won’t go through them all but I am sure you get the point. We must not only accept that change is a reality we must also zealously guard our hearts, our families, our minds, our communities, our schools, and the like, ensuring that we maintain a say in the change that is taking place.
 If it is true that change is inevitable what is your plan to deal with that reality?
Here are some thoughts:
In home stop letting the media, the schools, the community, or your friends be the driving force as to what you find acceptable. Take the stance like Joshua, “as for me and my house we are going to serve the Lord.” Curfew – when I was coming up when the street lights came on if you weren’t in front of your home, you were in deep trouble – painful trouble!
  • Take the stance if you don’t work you don’t eat. This trickles down the food chain. Our children should have chores round the house, every able bodied adult, not in school full time, should be employed contributing to the finances of the home. When did government assistance become the acceptable way of life? It was meant to help in a time of trouble it was never meant to be a lifelong pursuit.
  • Stop taking exception to your children having premarital sex, because you feel under eighteen is too young, while it is, and yet you are having premarital. Where in the bible did it state fornicating having an age limit? Right, it didn’t. Live your life on God’s terms and not yours so that you children and those around may take your lead and do the same.
  • When you enter church view it as God did with Abraham telling him to take off his sandals as he is standing on holy ground. When we come before God we should come wearing our best. If a pair of jeans and a t-shirt is your best then you’re honoring God. But let’s face it most of those coming to church are coming dressed any kind of way. You face isn’t washed your children’s hair isn’t combed. And many women are truly coming dressed inappropriately, breast hanging out, skirts hiked up to the wazoo, really? Not only is the dress inappropriate but so are the attitudes. People texting, talking, sleeping, and mind on other things. Let’s work on being sure our minds are truly focused on the One who is supposed to be the object of our desire on that day at least.  
  • Let the child be the child and the parent be the parent. Stop letting your children call the shots. Speak like Bill Cosby, “I brought you into this world and I will take you out.” Not literally obviously our children no longer have a healthy fear of their parents, that’s why they are losing their minds.
  • Vote – Vote – Vote! Stay on top of the issues affecting your community, your state, and your country. Be informed and stop relying on the media to instruct you. Get involved in your local planning groups, your look political action committees, local elected officials committees, and your school board.
So as we began change is inevitable just make sure you are a guide, an intricate agent of that change and not the residue of it.

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  1. ShaKenya wrote: "How about the change of people in our lives. Just as we clean our closets of clothes we no longer fit, we need to clear out people whom we have outgrown. Biggest challenge!"