The True Woman: Where Is She

Who is the true woman and where is she? Simple question, to say the least, but no one is addressing this question and I am afraid to say that many women today are not accepting the role that God has placed on women in society. A  French philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville, wrote, “No free communities ever existed without morals, and morals are the work of woman.” A nineteenth century preacher named John Angell James was also aware of woman’s position as the heart of culture, stated “The greatest influence on earth, whether for good or evil, is possessed by woman.”  Noted Christian author Susan Hunt followed with, “I can almost hear the groans of women. Where are the men today who place such high value on womanhood?” But to look to the man for the answers is shifting the focus. The painful reality is that the question is not “Where are the men, the question is where are the true women who should be having such a magnanimous magnetism on our culture and what has happened to their standards and expectations?”

Before we can move forward we must define the word “true.” The dictionary defines “true” as “consistent with fact or reality. The New Testament included unconcealed, actual, true to fact, real, ideal, genuine. So, contrary to what mass media has told us, Coca-Cola is not the real thing. I would submit to you that the real thing is a True Woman. Author Susan Hunt writes that “she, the true woman is a genuine, authentic masterpiece. The Master has set eternity in her heart and is conforming her into His own image. There is consistency in her outward behavior because it is dictated by the reality of her inner life.

So how do you become the “True Woman“? I am glad you asked because believe it or not I have the answer. Susan Hunt writes in her book the “The beauty and strength of a godly woman, the True Woman is the radical entrance of grace into her heart that brings life, order and sanity. By the transforming power of the Gospel, the Christian woman is empowered by God‘s Spirit to give an increasingly true reflection of her Savior and thus to be a True Woman.” To be a True Woman your life must emulate the word of God. You must read the word daily. We are told in Romans 7:21b that evil is ever present with us. Ladies, you cannot rely on your heart to tell you what‘s right or wrong because His word tells us that the heart is the most deceitful part of our body (Jeremiah 17:9). Your heart, ladies, is what keeps you in trouble. How do you learn to trust your heart? Another good question. Psalms 119:11 says, “Thy word I have treasured in my heart that I may not sin against Thee.” Get the picture ladies? It is by living by the word of God that you can learn to trust your heart. Following God is not a feeling, which is what the heart represents it is about storing up the very word of God in your heart and trusting what the word of God says. Not your interpretation, but the interpretation that the Holy Spirit gives you. Know this without a doubt if you are feeling things that go against the word of God, it is not of God, it is of you and your lustful, carnal self.

What I am about to quote may seem like a burden, but I encourage each of you to meditate on these words. Woman has always influenced the moral fabric of our world. And so it still remains true. Susan Hunt asks in her book to look to yourself and ask if you can appreciate and live by the following words: “Even if we cannot reform the world in a moment, we can begin the work of reforming ourselves and our households– It is woman’s mission. Let her not look away from her own little family circle for the means of producing moral and social reforms, but begin at home.”

How many of you are conscious of the fact that you set the moral tone by which your children will live by? Isn’t that scary? Especially if you live a life you truly wouldn’t want for you children? Ladies, we must be conscious of what we are doing to our young and what we are allowing in our men! Here’s another thought by Susan Hunt: “Every woman, whether rich or poor, married or single, has a circle of influence within which, according to her CHARACTER, she is exerting a certain amount of power for good or harm. Every woman, by her virtue or her vice, by her folly or her wisdom; by her levity or her dignity, is adding something to our natural elevation or degradation. Tocqueville wrote: “If I were asked, now that I am drawing to the close of this work, in which I have spoken of so many important things done by Americans, to what the singular prosperity and growing strength of that people ought mainly to be attributed, I should reply: To the superiority of their women.” Imagine, ladies, we are being spoken of as heroes of the common good for our country. That by us and through the helping and training of the word of God we possess that stuff that God intended for the common good of man. Don‘t you see how important you are to the moral fabric and the teaching and raising of the next generation?

LADIES, we can change the heart of man by our Character, by our values, by the way we live –BY OUR LIVES. If man runs the world, in truth he runs it based on the things that his wife and/or female acquaintance bring to the table. We can make or break society. However, remember if you break it you buy it with your life and you will have to answer to God. So my sisters, I am prayerful that you will endeavor to be the “True Woman.”


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