I see Him through the eyes of my father

 Is that your testimony? Who is the He and who am I comparing Him to? You got it, God our Father. I was reading a book today and the woman in the book was explaining how she related to God through the relationship she had with her father. She stated, “if you had a loving and nurturing relationship with your father, then it stands to reason that you would have a loving and nurturing relationship with God.” And then of course she stated the reverse was true. That’s right you get it. If you had and unloving and non nurturing relationship with your earthly father you probably have the same distant relationship with your heavenly Father.

I have to tell you that really made me think. While I haven’t had the closest relationship with my father, I had to acknowledge the most difficult part of my relationship with my heavenly Father is my failure to be close to Him, which of course the most intimate place you can be with God is to spend time with Him in prayer.
I watch other women in their relationships with men in their lives, notwithstanding knowing that they had unhealthy relationship with their earthly father, and I see the correlation. I see the disconnect. I see the unhealthy pattern day after day, month after month, and year after year. Ladies we need to fix this! Men we need to fix this! That’s right men too. The relationship with God is one that is supposed to be loving, kind, merciful, and downright special. But I will submit that if we look deep down and ask our heavenly Father to reveal our hearts to ourselves we will find that the reason we are not close to God is because of the loss we feel from our earthly father. Whether we never met him, whether we were hurt by him, whether we were never able to establish a relationship with him, we find that we are transferring those deep lost feelings over to our heavenly Father. And guess what that does? That prevents us from living in victory. That prevents us from having a loving relationship with someone who loves us unconditionally. Someone who has promised that He would never leave us neither forsake us. Someone who has promised that nothing could separate us from His love. Nothing!! No matter what you do, your heavenly Father will never dismiss you, or disown you!!

My New Year’s resolution this year was Lord I want more of you. In order for me to get more of Him I need to give more of myself. I need to open up my heart and lay prostrate before Him. I need to empty me out--- and allow Him to fill me with Him. I need to trust Him – knowing that my trust will not be despised, trampled on, or taken advantage of. I need to spend quiet time with Him and let Him minister to me. I need to soak up His love and accept it as my reality, and the best part of it, is it’s free for me to have. There are no qualification except that I accept that He loved me so much that He gave His only begotten son to hang on the cross in my place so that I could have bold access to Him! Are you kidding me!! He laid down His life so that I might reign with Him???!!!

I have committed within my heart to spend time in prayer, lavishing my love on my heavenly Father and allowing myself to receive His lavish love for me.

I promise you this, once you begin to allow God to love on you, you will make better choices regarding all your relationships. You will realize that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, marvelous are His works and that your soul will knows all too well. You will begin to realize that God only wants the best for you and if someone in your life doesn’t treat you like the king and queen you were made to be --- you will tell them to step off!! You will accept that you are the apple of His eye and that you are complete in Him. So at the end of the day no one, male or female, will be able to harm you, reject you or talk badly about you because you will have a picture of yourself and no one, I mean absolutely no one will be allowed or able to come into your space and see you any other way but through the eyes of God.

Remember you are the Righteousness of Christ and as Christ is in Heaven so are you!! What a lovely way to remember yourself. I see you that way!! More importantly God sees you that way and so let that be your reality—your truth!!

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