Breaking Barriers and Embracing Change: Growing Through Personal Transitions

In prior articles I have addressed the need to understand that change begins with each of us, encouragement to become the change we would like to see, and the importance of understanding that change is inevitable. In this last segment we will bring closure to the conversation on change by providing the necessary tools to successfully embrace change. 

What does embracing consist of? Embracing simply consists of and means finding a way to welcome change into your existence; welcome change into your work place, your home, and your community. Embracing change also means being a natural part of the change. It’s not enough to accept it once it’s forced upon you, you should also be a part of change, be an instrument of change, and be a factor of and for change.

Okay some of you are saying, “what in the world is she talking about?” I believe this next part will make it plain. If there is a status quo situation that you have been privy to that exists and you know that it’s not healthy, be the catalyst for change.

Let’s begin with your home; create an environment that brings about and fosters health and well-being. This is extremely important in your home. If prayer life is non-existent in your home resurrect it. If bible study is not a viable part of your home, resurrect it and make it so. If respect is not a part of your family experience institute it. If you are not living your life as an example to your family members, apologize and become that example. Desire for your children to call you blessed!

In your workplace; if the environment is toxic what can you do to change the environment? If grumbling is going on are you behaving the exact opposite? Are you speaking life into your co-workers? Are you being the light of your workplace? The salt, the substance that preserves, gives flavor, brings about positive outcomes? If you are not those things become those things. Embrace the possibilities such positive influence can bring into your working environment. We should not be a representation of the world but we should be a representation of Christ.

In your community are you the home that extends blessings to your surroundings because God is excited that you’re there? Do you and your family members, those who live with you and those who visit, respect the neighbors? The laws? Do you reach out and extend kindness to those in need? If not become the change your community so desperately needs and embrace the beauty of what the Spirit, when embraced, will illuminate for all to see. Always remember light shines brightly in darkness. Do you pray for your community? Your neighbors? Embrace what your spirit can do with the Spirit of the living God living within. Be the element that your neighbors seek out for counsel, for prayer, and for comfort.

Your extended family; are they respectful of your presence? Do they tend to catch themselves when they say something salty or unsavory? If not, embrace the need for you to check yourself. Look at yourself and examine how you are portraying yourself. Do cuss right along with the best of them? Do you act just as they do, but you simply say “God stuff” every now and then? Is your only testimony of “church” the fact that you go and not the fact that you live it? Come on yal we’ve got to do better. Embrace the greatness in you.

Here is the good news about change. There is only one element that we have been told is a constant and never changes, and that’s God! He says, “I am the Lord God and I change not.” If He doesn’t change then, neither has His requirements for living a life that is pleasing to Him. If He doesn’t change then us being the positive element of change in all areas of our lives is imperative. The bible says that we are to be light of the world. It further states we are to be the salt of the earth. It continues on to say that we are to be ministers of reconciliation, ambassadors for Christ. If we are failing to represent then we are failing God big time.

At the end of the day there is no getting around it - all change is interchangeable; Change begins with me, be the change you want to see, change is inevitable, and finally embrace change. The universal message you find in each article is this; every facet of your life is directly linked to you and how you represent. Everyone we encounter is either negatively or positively affected by our lives. We must choose how our epitaph will be written. We control the dash in between the day we were born and the day we die.

So as we began embrace change and make your world a better place, a place that God will look down on and say, “well done”.

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